Great Tips for First-Time Dispensary Shoppers

Now that marijuana is legal in 12 U.S. states, more people consume the herb today than ever before. There are fewer risks now that it’s legal and of course, easier to get. Many dispensaries offer cannabis for sale, as well as all the related products that smokers want to enjoy their next smoke sesh. But, first-time shoppers can find the experience a bit overwhelmingly exciting if they’re not prepared. Keep these tips in mind when shopping at a cannabis dispensary 85204 to ensure this is an experience to remember.


How much money can you afford to spend for herb at the dispensary? Do not spend the electric bill or rent money to shop at the dispensary, even if it is ‘by accident.’  Prices and selection are great so it is necessary that you budget for the purchase before you head out so you do not overspend. It’s really easy to get in the dispensary and spend far more money than intended. Don’t let this happen!

Shop Around

Selection, price, and service vary considerably from one dispensary to the next. Take some time to learn more about the area dispensaries to better choose a location that appeases your budget and needs. Most dispensaries have a Facebook page and a website to check out for more information.

Educate Yourself

Flower, concentrated, edibles, drinks, tinctures, CBD, vaporizers, joints -there are so many products sold at the dispensary you will find it overwhelming if you don’t educate yourself about the products before the visit. What do you want to feel after consuming marijuana? How do you prefer to consume the product?

Take Cash

Since marijuana is still federally illegal, many dispensaries have a difficult time working with banks. As such, they usually do not accept debit or credit cards but instead work on a cash-only basis. Make sure you take plenty of cash with you and don’t forget the tax and tip on your purchase. It is just easier that way and there is no tracks left behind on you end.

Take Your Phone

There is little doubt that you will remember your first dispensary shopping experience for the rest of your life. But, there is a way to ensure that it happens and that it to take your smartphone with you and snap photos. Take photos of the shop, the cannabis, the plants, the decor -show it all off and make sure that you remember your experience the way that you should. Most dispensaries encourage their customers to take photos and share them on social media, so don’t be shy and have fun!

The Bottom Line

cannabis dispensary 85204snap photos

Shopping at the cannabis dispensary is an amazing experience but there is little question you have those first-time jitters. We all have those jitters but they do go away as you return again and again for more cannabis! Keep the tips above in mind to ease those jitters and ensure this is a smooth, fun, memorable experience.